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For washer repairs in Barrie and throughout the northern GTA, look no further than Barrie Appliance Repairs!

We provide quotes upfront, and we also offer same-day repair services and a customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our work!

Our technicians here at Barrie Appliance Repairs are the best of the best. They’re certified experts in appliance repair, and they have all of the necessary licensing, accreditations and insurances to ensure that they are in fact the top technicians in the region. They also have a combined century-plus of experience on their side, and that’s something we like to brag about here at Barrie Appliance Repairs.

Give us a call today at Barrie Appliance Repairs if you’ve got a washer in ill-repair, and we’ll send a technician over to service it for you. Reach us at 705-481-2929.

Common washer problems:

Unit is leaking
Cycles aren’t completing
Unit won’t start
Unit is clogged

A washer that has clogged or is leaking could eventually become the cause of a household flood, and that could end up costing you an arm and a leg in household repairs and the like. Before that happens, give us a call at Barrie Appliance Repairs and we’ll set your washer straight well before it comes to that!

Our techs are experts in washer repairs, so if your issue isn’t listed above, don’t fret it. Simply give us a call at your soonest convenience and we’ll diagnose your issue and come up with an efficient, effective solution for you.

Brands we service:

The short answer is, we service them all! Our technicians are experts in repairing the washers themselves, not just a few specific, common brands of washers. That means that whether you have an LG, GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, Maytag or any other kind of washer, we’ve got your fix.

Some repairs require brand-specific replacement parts, but that’s where our service vans come in. We carry a wide variety of parts with us at all times so that all we have to do is rummage through the van to find the piece you need, and make your repair a same-day repair as easily as that!

Why choose Barrie Appliance Repairs?

Barrie Appliance Repairs is the premier household appliance repair service in Barrie and throughout the northern GTA. If you need washer repairs and you’re on the east side of Lake Simcoe, we’ve got you covered!

We offer our customers same-day repair services and quotes upfront, as well as a customer satisfaction guarantee!,/span>

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at Barrie Appliance Repairs today at 705-481-2929 and we’ll book you an appointment with one of our technicians right away!

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